Tailor your skincare

Tailor your skincare

Skin care. It’s becoming a bit of a buzz word these days, isn’t it? We’re all searching for the latest wonder product that promises to give us younger, plumper, fresher looking skin straight from a bottle or jar, but does such a thing even exist? And will that even stop us searching for it?!

Go to your bathroom cabinet and take a look at the number of lotions and potions you’ve spent fortunes on, all just sitting there gathering dust. There’s no doubt that each and every one promised something wonderful thanks to effective marketing, it fools us all! However, while some of them may work, there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to skincare. We all have differing needs and as we age, or the seasons change and affect us, these needs change again and again.

Invest in your skin

That’s why at Face Matters we believe that investing in your skin, properly, is one of the most effective ways you can boost your beauty regime. Instead of buying another serum or cream in the hope that it is your next wonder cure, seek some professional, tailored skincare advice in order to truly understand what your skin really needs and can benefit from.

Here at Face Matters we are able to offer a wealth of different treatments from skin peels to micro needling but we firmly believe that the foundation of excellent skin is a good care regime That is why we recommend the Obagi Nu-Derm range, with products targeted to address specific issues and advice that’s unique to you and your needs.

If you’re thinking about investing in skin care treatments, or if you have already done so, Obagi Nu-Derm can help to prolong the effects – now that should be music to your ears!