Stop spending scary sums on skincare!

Stop spending scary sums on skincare!

Smoothing, tightening, lifting, plumping, the latest fantastical ingredient, or the hottest new brand – let’s face it, we’ve all been sucked in by the clever marketing on the numerous skincare lotions and potions marketed to us. Each one claims to be better than the last, and promises to deliver the results that we all crave; fresher and more youthful looking skin.

If only!

Take a look in your bathroom cabinet, even right at the very back of the shelf, and in that other secret stash of products in the corner of the wardrobe (you know the one). At times, you might have made random impulsive purchases and during other instances, you may have researched your best and bought beauty products from reputable online stores (like Clean Wellness – A Natural Marketplace, for example). Now, would you be too scared to work out just how much you’ve spent on ‘miracle’ creams and serums that promise the Earth but deliver pretty much nothing?

At least with instant beauty treatments like a spray tan, you know what you’re getting and the results are immediately visible. Every spa that offers these services, such as this spray tan Lynchburg and other places that are worth their salt, tends to guarantee a level of beauty. But when it comes to creams, how often have you found yourself seeing a change that’s noticeable and lasting?

Real results
Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone, most of us are in the same boat! The market is flooded with natural skincare products that are claimed to serve better and are preferred by people as they are free from harsh chemicals. The results may vary depending on the individual skin type; sometimes proper medical treatment is required to maintain the skin’s health.

However, what many people are really seeking are the results that can only be obtained with a little ‘extra intervention’ through anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injectable treatments. In just a few short and pain-free minutes you could find the confidence you’ve been searching for with wrinkle-relaxing injections and/or dermal fillers – and we know you’ll witness real results that you will absolutely adore! Well! In addition to all of the medical treatments, you could include collagen supplements containing Dermal Repair Complex ingredients in your daily routine to increase collagen production. Daily collagen supplements have been shown in studies to help make your bones denser, slowing the aging process that causes them to brittle and assisting your body in producing new bone. Collagen supplements taken orally have been shown to improve skin hydration and elasticity in the elderly. They may also help to reduce wrinkles.

So next time you’re tempted to shell out for the next promise in a jar, think of all the sad and lonely potions at home that have done little to achieve your desired results and give a call on 01244 343 363 instead! We’d love to listen to your concerns and provide advice on how to obtain your desired look in the most aesthetic and natural-looking way.