Let’s talk about lips

Let’s talk about lips

Lip enhancements have seen a real growth in popularity over recent years, with many women – and some men, too – seeking a plumper pout.

As a result of this, the treatment has become more readily available with many aestheticians enticing customers with special offers and deals. While it is great to have so much choice, the downside is that there are many people offering lip enhancement treatment with little experience and minimal qualifications. Here at Face Matters we strongly believe that any form of dermal filler treatment should be viewed as a medical procedure rather than a beauty treatment – it is injected after all!

At Face Matters, Dr Gabi spends a lot of time listening to her clients about their desires and goals before she starts injecting. There are plenty of differing concerns that she can use lip fillers for, all of which are entirely dependent on each individual client – she never takes a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

So, what can lip enhancements be used for?

  • To increase lip volume subtly over time to create a beautifully natural-looking enhanced result
  • To create symmetry and overall balance
  • To add youthful definition and gracefully fight the signs of aging.


Dr Gabi believes that every single person is beautiful in their own unique way, and by using dermal fillers she can enhance that natural beauty, helping her clients achieve their aesthetic goals in the most subtle way. With this approach, she has helped many clients to feel good about themselves, giving them extra confidence boost that we all need – and deserve!

If you have been considering lip enhancements and would like to discuss your concerns with a trusted medical practitioner, Dr Gabi would love to see you. Just call Face Matters on 01244 343 363 to book a no-obligation consultation.