How early should we start using anti-wrinkle injections?

How early should we start using anti-wrinkle injections?

Five years ago, anti-wrinkle injections were mainly used by women in their mid- to late-30s to help turn the clock back and provide a younger, fresher look. However, we are now seeing men and women opting to go under the needle at a much earlier age in a bid to ‘prevent’ wrinkles from forming in the first place.

This begs the questions, when should you start having anti-wrinkle injections?

At Face Matters we believe that nobody should ever feel as though they ‘should’ have any form of anti-ageing treatment. There is nothing wrong with embracing the lines and creases that age brings, if you love them then you will absolutely own them! However, some people prefer the extra help that anti-wrinkle injections can provide, and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

It is best to begin by explaining that anti-wrinkle injections work by temporarily freezing a muscle. This means that by targeting and relaxing specific facial muscles that pull the skin in a way that can cause a wrinkle, we can create a smoother, line-free appearance.

There is a school of thought that believes anti-wrinkle injections can prevent fine lines and wrinkles if administered at an earlier age, which is why we are seeing patients requesting treatments in their 20s. While these patients may not have deep-set wrinkles just yet, the idea is that by freezing the muscles and stopping the movement that creates a line, they will prevent wrinkles from occurring at all.

The key in our explanation was the word ‘temporary’. Anti-wrinkle injections are not permanent and in order to ‘prevent’ lines and wrinkles these younger patients will need to continuously have treatment for the long term in order to ensure a lack of movement.

At Face Matters, we feel that there is no right or wrong answer here, there is no definitive age at which to start having treatment (or not) – the choice is solely down to each individual. We are here to help provide advice based on our enhanced knowledge and experience of working with anti-wrinkle injections in order to help each patient make an informed decision that is right for their own needs.

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