Getting back your glow this Christmas

Getting back your glow this Christmas

Christmas is coming, but are you feeling flat?

At the time of seasonal cheer and good will to all men, the way we look and feel may not be as sparkly and fabulous as the angel on top of the tree. The winter months that surround Christmas can play havoc with our skins. Biting winds, cold, dark nights, and the lack of essential daylight can influence not only our complexions but our well-being too, adding to the cycle of dull, lifeless, and tired looking skin. Especially when we forget that our gut health can add up to our mental and physical health as well as affect our skin. For that, some of us take morning tea to improve our digestion, immunity, skin, and weight. Additionally, there are other alternatives as well, such as a product similar to Activated You Morning Complete, which consists of advanced restorative probiotic, active enzymes, essential skin food, algae omegas, amino acids, etc. There can be other similar fitness products and measures that can enhance your mind, body, and soul.

So, what can we do to bring back the ‘zing’ to our skin? At Face Matters, we have devised some top tips so that you can enjoy the seasonal celebrations and look fantastic too.

  1. Get out and about! In winter, it’s easy to hide under the duvet, snuggle on the sofa and generally hibernate from the cold. However, getting out in to the short amount of daylight we have will help to keep your vitamin D levels up (vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of vital nutrients). A fast-paced walk to the shops, the park or from the station to your office will get the blood flow pumping to the skin, flush out toxins and generally get our mood up! So, get your walking shoes on! In addition, vitamin D deficiency can cause a variety of health problems, including bone density loss and rickets in children. You could also try various superfood powders to help you stay healthy and gain the essential nutrients. Vitamin D also aids in the absorption of calcium, which is one of the primary building blocks of bone structure. Vitamin D can be obtained in three ways: through the skin, diet, and supplements. After being exposed to sunlight, your body naturally produces vitamin D. However, excessive sun exposure can cause skin aging and skin cancer, which is why so many people seek vitamin D from other sources. As a result, people may choose private label supplements to overcome Vitamin D deficiency. However, people might want to consult with their doctor about how much, how frequently, and for how long they should take it.
  2. Not just for satsumas! A peel is the perfect treatment to renew and revitalise the skin and the best time to undergo a moderate to deep peel is in the winter. In summer months, following a peel, we are at risk of exposing new, fresh and young skin cells to the sun, potentially causing pigmentation and sun-damage if we aren’t super careful. The lack of strong sunlight in winter means that we can undergo an intensive peel without the worry of lasting sun-damage. Though here at Face Matters we still recommend you wear a high SPF sunscreen following a peel, all-year-round.
  3. Stay smooth! Wrinkle smoothing injections and dermal fillers can have a profound effect on the way we look and feel. Quick to administer and lasting anything from 4 months to a year, non-surgical injectable treatments are extremely popular due to their effective and lasting results. From smoothing dynamic lines (expression lines) to plumping out deep set wrinkles, hollows and furrows, injectable treatments can leave you looking and feeling years younger. Always consult with your medical practitioner for the most suitable treatment for you.
  4. Rejuvenate with a pin! Microneedling can be a superb way to regenerate collagen production in the skin and strengthen its resilience against the elements and the signs of ageing as well as skin conditions such as Rosacea and acne scarring. At Face Matters, we offer a choice of Microneedling procedures – the Raffine Automatic Micro-Needle, which can be used with Mesotherapy treatments to deliver even more effective and lasting results and the Genuine DermaRoller device; a trusted and popular treatment for those wishing to improve the texture, tone and appearance of their skin.

Whatever your skin concern this Christmas, from lines and wrinkles, dull & dehydrated skin, acne prone, oily and congested skin to sun-damage, pigmentation, sagging skin and conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis; at Face Matters, we have a seasonal solution to make you glow and bring you back your confidence. So, watch out mistletoe, you’re going to be in demand!