Dermal Fillers With Biostimulation

Dermal Fillers With Biostimulation

Why have dermal fillers with biostimulation at Face Matters?

Your skin’s multi-layer ageing process is affected by many different factors, such as lifestyle, sun exposure and genetics, which is why some people’s skin seems to age more quickly than others. Signs of ageing include skin laxity, a loss of muscle tone, volume loss, fat loss and hollows, puffiness, lines and wrinkles. One of the underlying causes of these changes is that, from our 20s onwards, our skin starts to lose its most important structural proteins: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Whereas hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers work by temporarily restoring volume to the areas where they’re injected, dermal fillers with biostimulation encourage your body to produce its own fresh collagen to improve the quality of your skin over time. This gives long-term advantages not associated with other dermal fillers.

  • Natural-looking results
  • Stimulates your body’s own collagen production for long-term benefits
  • Gives your skin more volume with a choice of long-lasting products
  • Predictable results & proven safety record
  • Advice that’s unique to you & your needs

Dermal Fillers with Biostimuation

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Natural-looking results

See how dermal fillers with biostimulation have helped some of our patients to transform their skin, and look healthier and younger.


How do dermal fillers with biostimulation work?
Dermal fillers with biostimulation work in two ways; like hyaluronic acid-based fillers, they initially provide volume to the treatment areas to smooth out visible wrinkles. However, their benefits continue with their second function. Dermal fillers with biostimulation also release small microspheres, which stimulate fibroblasts in your skin to react to their presence by producing collagen. Over time, the microspheres break down and are harmlessly reabsorbed by your body, leaving the new collagen behind. As an important building block of youthful and healthy skin, collagen will give your skin more natural volume, as well as making it appear smoother, thicker and healthier.
What dermal fillers with biostimulation are available at Face Matters?
At Face Matters, we currently use the following leading brands of dermal fillers with biostimulation:

  • Ellanse – Ellanse is described as a ‘tailor-made bioresorbable collagen stimulator’ that is distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide. There are four different product options within the Ellanse range, which only differ in terms of how long the product lasts (between one to four years). Ellanse has an excellent safety profile and uses bioresorbable materials that have been widely used in sutures and orthopaedic implants for several decades.

Ellanse dermal fillers with biostimulation offer outstanding results for the majority of people, although they are not recommended for use in the glabella, lips and eyelids. In studies, 100% of patients reported improvements to their skin for 24 months post-treatment.

  • Radiesse – This is a volumising injectable dermal filler that restores volume and adds structure to the skin. Its unique formula contains calcium microspheres designed to stimulate natural collagen production. The results of a single treatment can last for up to 12 months. Radiesse is ideal for hand rejuvenation as it restores volume to make veins and tendons less prominent, and smooths away ageing lines and wrinkles.
  • Sculptra – Sculptra addresses the underlying causes of the signs of facial ageing. Although you will notice some visible improvements to your skin after just one treatment, Sculptra is best delivered during two to three treatment sessions, each four to six weeks apart, to create gradual rejuvenating enhancements. This product very much concentrates on stimulating collagen production, which means that the improvements emerge subtly and look incredibly natural for up to several months post-treatment.

Sculptra is ideal for replacing lost collagen in the middle to lower face and chin areas

What areas can be treated?
Dermal fillers with biostimulation are ideal for filling static lines and folds, such as:

  • Nasolabial lines (from the nose to the corners of the mouth)
  • Marionette lines (from the mouth down to the chin)
  • Facial shaping, volumising & contouring
  • Cheek & chin augmentation
  • General skin hydration & rejuvenation
  • Rejuvenation of the hands

Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers may be more suitable for lip enhancements, forehead lines and around the eyes.

What happens during a dermal fillers with biostimulation treatment?
When you come in to the clinic for a treatment using dermal fillers with biostimulation, we will cleanse your face before applying an anaesthetic cream to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Dr. Tschoepe will have recommended what she feels is the best dermal filler for your needs during your initial consultation, and inject this into targeted treatment areas. Your appointment will typically take 30 minutes.

Dr. Tschoepe will ask you to come in for a second appointment two weeks later to assess and document your results so that the regime can be improved, if necessary.

When should I see results and how long will they last?
Depending on which product we use, the results of this treatment may be instantaneous. Even with slower acting products such as Sculptra, you should see some immediate improvement to your skin’s volume.

As dermal fillers with biostimulation work by encouraging your body to make new collagen – a process that takes approximately six weeks – you should expect to see ongoing improvements for several months post-treatment.

How long the results of your treatment last will depend on a number of factors, such as the treatment area, the type of filler and the amount used, your individual muscle movements, activity, and lifestyle. To give you some idea of the scope, Radiesse lasts for approximately 9-12 months before being reabsorbed by your body, while Ellanse E products have the potential to last for up to several years.

Are dermal fillers with biostimulation safe?
All of the biostimulating dermal fillers that we use at Face Matters have been chosen for their effectiveness and proven safety records. Ellanse, Sculptra and Radiesse are all approved by the Federal Drugs Administration of the USA (FDA) and have CE Certification (the European Union standard) for soft tissue augmentation.

After a treatment, you may experience some mild bruising at the injection sites, which can take two to three days to vanish. Inevitably, the more injections you have, the higher your chance of some visible bruising.

Some people also experience temporary redness, swelling, itching, numbness, tenderness or discomfort.

Much rarer side effects include blistering, infection, cold sores (especially if you have a history of cold sores), allergic reactions, and – in less than one in 15,000 cases – lumpy tissue, skin necrosis and red wheals, all of which are usually mild to moderate and self-limiting, lasting for approximately two weeks.

Choosing an experienced practitioner like Dr. Tschoepe who has a proven history of successful treatments is important to minimise the risk of side effects.

What should I do immediately following my treatment?
Depending on which product we use, we will give you more detailed aftercare instructions when you have your treatment, so you know exactly what to expect and how to follow our recommendations for the best outcomes.