Face Matters – Why have wrinkle relaxing injections?

Face Matters – Why have wrinkle relaxing injections?

Wrinkle relaxing injections are one of our most popular treatments. Worldwide, thousands and thousands of Botox treatments are administered every year.

Customers who have tried it once, are invariably so impressed with the results they achieve, that they return every 3-4 months for a top-up injection.

Chester is a glamorous town, full of people who appear not to age. Is this thanks to their good genes, or have they had a helping hand? Given the amount of Chester customers we greet in our Face Matters clinic every day, it’s more likely to be latter. If you’re unable to put your finger on exactly why your friends suddenly appear more rested and radiant than ever before, despite still having school-age kids, whom they spend many hours chasing around in a tiring manner, it’s a testament to how natural-looking our treatments are.

The only hesitation people tend to have when deciding to choose Wrinkle relaxing injections or Botox, occurs before the first appointment has been made. The tabloids are full of horror stories about Botox, because these sort of stories sell newspapers, so hesitation is expected. What the papers don’t tell you is how minimal the risks involved with Botox are and the very small percentage of people who suffer any side effects. (When they do, it’s usually due to treatment received from an inexperienced practitioner!)

Botox is safe and effective

Botox/Wrinkle relaxing injections has an excellent safety record. It temporarily stops muscles from contracting, an action that prevents wrinkles from forming. With smoother skin and fewer wrinkles, you’ll naturally look younger.  It’s particularly effective on wrinkles that naturally occur over time on the upper face, such as the lines across your forehead, the lines between your eyebrows, known as frown lines and your crows feet at the side of your eyes.

Our practitioner is highly trained and very experienced with a gentle, subtle approach to facial rejuvenation. We want you to look several years younger than your actual age, but without making any dramatic changes. We want your friends and peers to comment on how ‘well’ you’re looking, without realising that you’ve had a little help.

Would you like to find out what Botox could do for you? Are you curious to know how you could look after an anti-wrinkle treatment? Why not book yourself in for an informal, no-obligation consultation with us to ask any questions you might have and get any relevant information you might need before you make the choice to go ahead. Please get in touch to arrange a consultation now.