Back to school with glowing skin

Back to school with glowing skin

Glowing skin Chester
If you are a busy mum or dad, you’ll know that returning to the school gates after the long summer holidays can be a frantic time. Whilst there is now plenty of help out there for parents on sites like, based in St. Helens, UK, it’s still easy to feel overwhelmed by everything modern parenting throws at you.

Not only do you want your kids to look prepped and “back-to-school” ready, but you want to make sure that you’re looking your best too.

Looking fresh, youthful and glowing at an early hour is all-important, if you want to prove you’ve got this yummy mummy (or dishy daddy) thing down!

Get glowing skin with the help of Face Matters

Celebrity mums and dads seem to look effortlessly glowing when photographed dropping their tots off at the gates. How they do this might leave parents around the world puzzled and curious. They may possibly use creams that could have beneficial ingredients such as the Invisicrepe ingredients and the balms from countless cosmetic companies. Alternatively, they might also be using other more invasive beauty treatments to keep themselves glowing.

So here at Face Matters in Chester, we’ve taken inspiration from these talented and hard-working men and women and come up with some treatment ideas to help you look flawless, first thing.

A clear complexion – with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment

Stella McCartney is one of the world’s most successful fashion designers, with a superstar dad to boot!

This English rose has pale, porcelain-looking skin – a skin type that is prone to hyperpigmentation.

To maintain a healthy complexion and minimise sun-spots and pigmented skin, we recommend not only using a high factor SPF every day – without fail – but also a course of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment.

PRP may be particularly beneficial following the summer months, for skins that have picked up some unwanted pigmentation from sun exposure.

In the treatment, Dr. Gabi takes a small sample of your blood and uses a centrifuge to obtain the PRP. This is then injected in small amounts into the skin, either with a needle or mesotherapy device.

The PRP encourages the growth of new collagen and regenerates tissues, which not only smoothes and tightens the skin but reduces hyperpigmentation too.

Youthful and hydrated skin – with dermal fillers

Victoria Beckham is one svelte lady and, although she’s well known for being super slim, it could have a less than desirable effect on her face as she starts to age.

If you too have been lucky enough to keep your figure but are seeing the effects of your slender frame in your face, a course of dermal fillers could be the answer.

Dermal fillers are injected into specific areas of the face – such as the cheeks, temples, lips and nose-to-mouth lines – where volume has been lost through the natural ageing process.

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally-occurring sugar in the body and responsible for maintaining youthful and hydrated skin. As we age, this hyaluronic acid is lost and needs to be replaced to help us keep our youthful-looking appearance.

So it’s worth considering dermal filler treatments if you are noticing a bonier form to your face, or if your lower face is beginning to sag a little.

Smoother skin – with wrinkle-smoothing injections

Gerry Halliwell still looks fresh and vibrant at 45.

So, what is her secret? To the trained eye, it would seem she might have had wrinkle-smoothing injections (more commonly known as Botox) in her forehead to smooth out this area.

Wrinkle-smoothing injections have been safely used for many years to temporarily smooth dynamic lines (lines created by facial expressions) that typically appear on the upper face.

The injection procedure takes a few minutes, doesn’t hurt and the results can last up to 6 months.

What’s not to love about this treatment!

Hydrated skin – with deeply moisturising masks

David Beckham joins his wife in looking flawless in his 40’s. As men reach middle age, skincare becomes more important, so whist the retired footballer may have good genes, his skin will have suffered as a result of years of being exposed to the elements on the pitch.

Men’s faces also have to withstand being shaved every day, which can dry out the skin if not cared for properly. Failure to moisturise leads to skin becoming tight and dry, which will deepen fine lines and cause premature ageing.

Luckily, deep moisturising treatments can help restore moisture to dry skin, plumping out wrinkles and giving an overall healthy glow, so even dad’s can look impeccable at the school gates every day.

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