Anti-ageing treatment tailored to you

Anti-ageing treatment tailored to you

The one thing that is definitely true for each and every one of us, we’re all ageing! There’s a lot to be said for growing older, though. With age comes knowledge and hindsight, as well as an inner calm that stops us flying off the handle at the smallest problem (well, most of the time anyway)!

However, the signs of ageing are something that many of us don’t appreciate quite so much… if only we can have all of our accrued wisdom and keep our youthful looks at the same time… but as they say, you can’t have it all. Or can you?

Here at Face Matters we pride ourselves in providing a wonderful range of treatments that address the signs of ageing, allowing our clients to feel their very best selves. These help to provide essential support for your skin as it loses the natural elasticity and plumpness that we associate with youth.

So, what can be done?

We offer skin peels suitable for most skin types that are designed to provide an anti-ageing effect by stimulating collagen, boosting brightens, improving texture and clarity, and softening wrinkles. Another amazing trick that we have up our sleeve is micro-needling. This works by creating thousands of tiny pinprick ‘wounds’ that close immediately but trigger your skin to create new collagen to heal the area. This leaves your complexion smoother and clearer.

Of course, no anti-aging weaponry would be complete without injectable treatments. We can provide both wrinkle reduction and dermal filler treatments as part of a wider skincare regime, all of which is tailored to your own needs in order to be most effective for you.

Our treatment range has been carefully selected by Dr Gabi to offer what she believes to be the best. We are able to provide skincare advice that’s unique to you, and explain what benefits each treatment may have for your skin.

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