Before you decide to go ahead with a treatment at Face Matters, we’ll always give you a written copy of your treatment plan with a full breakdown of the prices. We understand that it’s helpful to have a ball-park figure for what your treatment might cost, so we have listed some guide prices below:


All facial aesthetics’ treatments will receive loyalty points which equate to a 10% discount.


Botox – one area £150.00
Botox – two areas £200.00
Botox – three areas £250.00
Extensive Sweating £395.00

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers(1ml) (Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane) £295.00
Lip Fillers (1/2 ml) £230.00
Lip Fillers ( 1ml ) £250.00
Tear Trough £395.00
Skinboosters Vital (1ml) £200.00
Skinboosters Vital /course of three £500.00
Biostimulation (Radiesse, Sculptra, Ellanse) £350.00
Lower face rejuvenation (4ml) £850.00
Full face rejuvenation (6-8ml) £1600.00

Thread Lifts

PDO Threads per thread £ 100
Silhouette Soft Threads per thread £ 180

Vampire Lift

Vampire Lift (Platelet Rich Plasma) £495.00

Dermaroller/ Micro Needling

One Treatment £200.00
Course of 3 £500.00
Micro Needling incl. RRS Mesotherapy £250.00
Course of 3 £600.00

Chemical Peels

Superficial Peel / single peel £80.00
Course of 3 £225.00
Course of 6 £420.00
Medium Depth TCA Peels per peel £ 250

RRS Injectables

RRS Injectables £195.00

Skin Blemish Removal

Moles, Skintags, Facial Spider Veins £120.00


Spider Veins of the Legs 30 min session £150.00